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Marie Parie performing at Celebrity Center-Hollywood

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Video is taken by a Fan with their cell phone, edited by Arnaud Febvay dedicated to Marie Parie

Show is brought to you by: Wind International Film Center at CC

Performer: Marie Parie
Elyse Nicole
Lady Lilliane
DJ Darena
Video by Phil and Darena

Short Bio and links to Marie Parie’s work:

Marie Parie  is a French American recording artist specialized in Pop Dance music “EDM”. As a singer/songwriter/performer, most of her songs reflect duality elements of the two cultures, packaged with Japanese Alien Manga look, since Marie Parie was compared to Barbie since childhood. The influence of pop culture, and futuristic elements is also impacting Marie Parie’s vision of the world. In 2016, Ice cream was released and topped number 6 on the official club charts in the UK, published in Music week magazine, and eventually being on Iheart radio in the US. In 2017, Marie Parie showed up to Cannes Film festival which resulted with international TV interviews,  reporters, fans interactions, media, red carpet that put Marie Parie in the spotlights as well as on Vogue Dutch. For more info see below or  

1. Ice cream is number 1 on Radio charts, in the UK. Top spin

2. Top 10, N# 6 On Official UK charts, Number 1 on UK Radio charts King Spin with “Ice cream”

A. Music Week Magazine

C. Vevo


3. Cannes Film Festival Publicity 2017:

Cannes, Frankreich. 28th May, 2017. Marie Parie attending the closing-night of the 70th Cannes Film Festival at the Palais des Festivals on May 28, 2017in Cannes
1. Major TV and interviews  


A. Canal Plus: French TV 

B.Reuters TV/Radio/Youtube

C. Guardian TV

D. vietnamese TV

E. One News Page


2. Major Magazines and NewsPapers

1. Vogue Dutch 
Marie Parie was sandwiched between Julianne Moore in Givenchy’s couture  and Bella Hadid in Alexandre Vauthier, on Vogue Dutch Image 94 out of 112


Marie Parie at the Cannes Film Festival in 2017
© Getty Images 


3. Major News sites some sites more online:

a. MSN 

B.Daily news:

c. Reuters

 Uk Reporters

Other reporters are interviews oversees so don’t have all the links yet, for Japan, China, Armenia, Lebanon, Florida, LA…

D.20 minutes French News:

E. Zimbio

F. Gettynews:

4. Fans, Red Carpet and Paparazzi

3. Paramount Pictures and Movie Credits

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